A novel PET imaging agent for tau in Alzheimer’s disease

MK-6240 is an investigational Tau PET tracer in Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Preliminary data suggests that it has low prevalence of off-target binding in early tau deposition.1–5

18F-MK-6240 is believed to target tau tangles in the brain

MK-6240 is a high-affinity PET tracer being studied for the paired helical filaments of tau in Alzheimer’s disease. This next-generation PET imaging agent is optimized to help detect early tau deposition, a hallmark biomarker used to diagnose and stage patients with AD.6, 7


active clinical trials


scans performed


qualified production manufacturing facilities in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia


pharmaceutical partners with therapeutic candidates in development

Data as of January 2024

How we help accelerate Alzheimer’s research

Lantheus manages all aspects of the MK-6240 production, supply chain and data analytics. This rigorous oversight helps ensure seamless incorporation of our novel imaging biomarker.

 We provide:

  • Technical operations expertise
  • A robust, worldwide GMP production and distribution network 
  • Timely and thorough communication with regulatory authorities to ensure compliance
  • Prompt and reliable customer support 
  • Unique opportunities to collaborate with leading AD researchers

Premier production worldwide

An international manufacturing and distribution network produces MK-6240 using stringent quality standards that meet the requirements of clinical trials. We are continuing to expand global access to this investigational Tau PET imaging agent to address the needs of our academic and industry partners.

Map of international Cerveau locations

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  • Sites Under Development
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Partnering for progress

At Lantheus Cerveau, our passion is to Find, Fight and Follow® disease to deliver better patient outcomes. We’re committed to partnering with Alzheimer’s researchers in academia and the pharmaceutical industry.

We are actively partnering with researchers across the globe to provide this novel, investigational tau PET imaging agent as a preferred biomarker in AD studies

This product candidate is an investigational drug that has not yet been approved as safe and effective.

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