2022   |   Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Patterns of tau pathology identified with 18 F-MK-6240 PET imaging

Kreisl WC, Lao PJ, Johnson A, Tomljanovic Z, Klein J, Polly K, Maas B, Laing KK, Chesebro AG, Igwe K, Razlighi QR, Honig LS, Yan X, Lee S, Mintz A, Luchsinger JA, Stern Y, Devanand DP, Brickman AM. 
2021   |   European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

Characterization of MK6240, a tau PET tracer, in autopsy brain tissue from Alzheimer’s disease cases

Malarte ML, Nordberg A, Lemoine L.
2020   |   Frontiers in Neurology

Case Report: 18F-MK6240 Tau Positron Emission Tomography Pattern Resembling Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy in a Retired Australian Rules Football Player

Krishnadas N, Doré V, Lamb F, Groot C, McCrory P, Guzman R, Mulligan R, Huang K, O’Donnell M, Ponsford J, Hopwood M, Villemagne VL, Rowe CC.
2020   |   Brain

18F-MK-6240 PET for early and late detection of neurofibrillary tangles

Pascoal TA, Therriault J, Benedet AL, Savard M, Lussier FZ, Chamoun M, Tissot C, Qureshi MNI, Kang MS, Mathotaarachchi S, Stevenson J, Hopewell R, Massarweh G, Soucy JP, Gauthier S, Rosa-Neto P.
2020   |   Brain

Amyloid and tau imaging biomarkers explain cognitive decline from late middle-age

Betthauser TJ, Koscik RL, Jonaitis EM, Allison SL, Cody KA, Erickson CM, Rowley HA, Stone CK, Mueller KD, Clark LR, Carlsson CM, Chin NA, Asthana S, Christian BT, Johnson SC.
2020   |   Molecular Imaging Biology

Preclinical safety evaluation and human dosimetry of [18F]MK-6240, a novel PET tracer for imaging neurofibrillary tangles

Koole M, Lohith TG, Valentine JL, Bennacef I, Declercq R, Reynders T, Riffel K, Celen S, Serdons K, Bormans G, Ferry-Martin S, Laroque P, Walji A, Hostetler ED, Briscoe RJ, de Hoon J, Sur C, Van Laere K, Struyk A.
2020   |   Alzheimer’s & Dementia (Amst)

Amyloid duration is associated with preclinical cognitive decline and tau PET

Koscik RL, Betthauser TJ, Jonaitis EM, Allison SL, Clark LR, Hermann BP, Cody KA, Engle JW, Barnhart TE, Stone CK, Chin NA, Carlsson CM, Asthana S, Christian BT, Johnson SC.
2020   |   Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Mild behavioral impairment is associated with β-amyloid but not tau or neurodegeneration in cognitively intact elderly individuals

Lussier FZ, Pascoal TA, Chamoun M, Therriault J, Tissot C, Savard M, Kang MS, Mathotaarachchi S, Benedet AL, Parsons M, Qureshi MNI, Thomas ÉM, Shin M, Dion LA, Massarweh G, Soucy JP, Tsai IH, Vitali P, Ismail Z, Rosa-Neto P, Gauthier S.
2020   |   European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

Advances in CNS PET: The state-of-the-art for new imaging targets for pathophysiology and drug development

McCluskey SP, Plisson C, Rabiner EA, Howes O.
2020   |   Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism

Test-retest characteristic of [18F]MK-6240 quantitative outcomes in cognitively normal adults and subjects with Alzheimer’s disease

Salinas C, Lohith TG, Purohit A, Struyk A, Sur C, Bennacef I, Beaver J, Martarello L.

This product candidate is an investigational drug that has not yet been approved as safe and effective.